Where can I buy your bikes?

Wherever you want! We want to give you the freedom to choose where you make your bike purchase. Check out the options below...

1. Right here on our website

How to order from our website:

  1. Browse the build kits and options
  2. Email us with any questions
  3. If the build you’d like is available, add it to the cart and complete payment
  4. If you have questions about your bike or customization options, send us an email.

2. Your favorite local bike shop

How to order from your LBS:

  1. Visit your favorite LBS 
  2. Let them know you’d like a Guerrilla Gravity bike through our Shop Direct channel
  3. Discuss any options and build components you’d like
  4. Give ‘em your money
  5. They’ll call us up and get the bike ordered
  6. We’ll ship it to the shop
  7. They’ll get it built up for you
  8. Go shred

Work at shop and want more specifics? Give us a shout.

3. The GG Shredquarters

Live in the Denver area or will you be passing through? Swing by the Shredquarters!