Rider Program

You know what's cool?

The Rider Program. Every Guerrilla Gravity bike sold comes with access to the program.

With the program you get:

  • 10% off products and services in the Retail Shop (bikes excluded)
  • 25% off in-store demos
  • A $50 referral credit for when your friend buys a bike
  • Access to the opt-in Racer Program that provides additional discounts and credits
  • Free access to tools and repair stand at the retail shop
  • Discounted pro-led riding clinics and maintenance clinics
  • Preferred access to info on events and specials

Racer Program

We love racing and think it's a great way for the community to come together and share our passion for riding. Our goal is to encourage everyone to participate, so we offer sweet deals to anyone who decides to get out there and try their hand at goin' fast.

To opt in to the Racer Program, simply put down Guerrilla Gravity as your sponsor and shoot us an email with the results sheet verification.*

With the Racer Program you get:

  • A 20%-off credit for every race you enter to use on a future order of your choice*
  • Get an extra 5% off if you send us a sweet picture of you in a Guerrilla Gravity jersey from the race*
  • Did you get on the box? If you got 1st, 2nd, or 3rd, send us a picture of you in a GG t-shirt, hoody, or jersey on the podium and you'll receive a $50, $25, or $10 credit, respectively, towards your next purchase
  • After your 4th race, you'll receive a 10% credit for your next build kit
  • After your 8th race, you'll receive a 10% credit for your next frame
  • Race support will be available at all events we attend. This includes use of tools and available workstands, plus discounted replacement parts

BAMF Program

Want to be a Brand Ambassador and Motivated Freeseller (BAMF) for Guerrilla Gravity, helping us spread the good word? We're always on the lookout for riders who are active in their local riding community and are ready to help make mountain biking more awesome.

About the BAMF Program:

  • Receive special pricing on a frame or bike (pricing dependent on experience)
  • Receive a cash kickback on any new riders you help create (commission dependent on experience, only available for bikes sold at the full retail price)
  • Facilitate demos, even offering up your Guerrilla Gravity bike to interested riders
  • Organize and participate in events within your community
    • Good examples: dig days, group rides, new rider clinics
  • Create content for the web and social media
  • Receive additional podium kickbacks (payout based on category)
    • No, you don't need to race to be a BAMF
  • All other benefits of the Racer and Rider Program

Please note! At this time, we do not give away FREE frames or bikes. If you're awesome, prove it: a successful season of helping us spread the good word will certainly help you cover the cost of a bike, and perhaps even help pay for some of your expenses involved with being a badass motherf*cker.

If you think you'd make a good BAMF, submit your application here for consideration.

*Small print: Regarding the email verifying Guerrilla Gravity is listed as your sponsor: a picture of the results sheet or a link to the online results sheet is sufficient. 20% and additional 5% credits not available towards frames and build kits; standard 10% Rider discount is included in this credit. Monetary credits can be used at any time, for any products and bikes, and with any combination of discounts. Please note the additional criteria for receiving your podium credit: sending us a picture of you in a GG t-shirt, hoody, or jersey on the box. We reserve the right to refuse credits in any situation in which we suspect foul play and/or disingenuous credentials.