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Happy New Bike Day!

Congrats on being one of the first riders to swing a leg over our industry-leading Revved Carbon bikes! You probably know this already, but as a Guerrilla Gravity owner, you’re 110% more awesome than the average mountain biker.

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We think we’ve covered just about everything GG owners will want to know here but if we missed anything, be sure to let us know at Bikes@RideGG.com.

As a GG owners, you're not just another customer, instead you’re joining a community of riders who like goin' fast. Below are a few ways to get involved in the GG community and we look forward to seeing you at one of our races or camping weekends!

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Your new bike will arrive in two separate boxes, one for the frame and the other for the wheels. Our rockstar mechanics have already tuned up your shifting, shortened your brake hoses, cut your fork steerer, and set your tires up tubeless. This all adds up to a streamlined assembly process that you can complete with a small handful of tools and basic mechanical skills. 

Seriously, if you’ve installed pedals on your bike, you’ll be fine.

Tools required:

  • Allen wrenches: 3, 4, 5, 6 mm
  • T25 torx wrench for SRAM brakes


  1. Unbox your frame and mount it in a bike stand
  2. Bolt the rear derailleur to the hanger, tighten the bolt snug with your 5 mm wrench but no need to overdo it.
  3. Install your rear wheel by tightening the rear thru-axle with a 5 mm wrench
  4. Install your front wheel with the included axle. Bolt-on axles normally use a 6 mm wrench.
  5. Remove your handlebar and chain from the wheel box
  6. Install the chain and master link. Route the chain over the chainring, over and around the back of the cassette, over the top of the upper jockey wheel towards the front of the bike, around the backside of the lower jockey wheel, and then forward towards the chainring. Join the two ends of the chain with the provided master link. The master link might be tight to snap together, you can try holding the rear brake and putting some leverage on the crank to pop it into place.
  7. Install the handlebar. You’ll first need to remove the faceplate of the stem using your 4 mm wrench. Place the handlebar in the stem groove and then tighten the top two bolts all the way, then install the lower two bolts and torque them to 5 Nm, or roughly as tight as you can turn a 4 mm wrench using the skinny end of the wrench as a lever with two fingers.
  8. Install your brakes. SRAM brakes will require a T25 torx wrench.
  9. Install your dropper remote to the left side of the handlebar.
  10. Install your shifter onto the right side of handlebar
  11. Slide your lock-on grips over the bars and tighten the clamp with a 3 mm wrench.
  12. Shred!

    Setting the correct sag will ensure that your suspension is working for you, not the other way around. Our bikes are designed to be run with 20% fork sag and 30% shock sag for the best ride qualities. 

    For a more in-depth read about sag concepts, check out Two Minutes to Sag Right

    We offer our unique Lifetime Frame Support program for original owners. Additional info on the program:

    First off, we want you to know that we strive to build bikes that are durable and long-lasting, something that you can pass down to your kids/little sisters/favorite beginner. Anything less than that is a disappointment. Also note that the wide range of experiences and environments that mountain bikes encounter makes it impossible to account for every rider type, style, and aspect of misuse and misfortune. For this reason we feel it is misleading to offer a warranty similar to the ones found throughout the industry, which are chock-full of ifs, ands, and buts.

    Manufacturing defects typically reveal themselves within a year of ownership. Should a failure occur because of one of these we will act expediently to get the rider a replacement. Because of science, mountain bike frames and products do have a usable lifespan. But we know a broken frame never makes for a good day, so for this reason we will provide discounted replacements for the lifetime of the frame. The discount will depend on the age of the frame, replacement necessary, and circumstance. Frames painted or powder coated outside of GG's system will not be eligible for the Lifetime Frame Support.

    In order to take advantage of the Lifetime Frame Support program, you will need to provide proof of purchase (if purchased through one of our partner channels and not directly through us). To receive a replacement, the rider is responsible for shipping us the frame in question. Please feel free to email us with additional questions.

    We are not responsible for any component failures attached to the bike, but we will help connect you with the proper manufacturer to rectify the issue. We do make an attempt to only provide components we are confident in, but failures do happen. We keep a log of failures and are interested to hear about your experiences, even if you've handled it elsewhere.